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Julie Matheson - Admin


 ^51D830D648C63F1F6D0C2415703E485CA90DB1401792A5B5C1^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrJulie joined husband David in 1999 as a Presenter & Music Director at Huon FM. Julie played a big role at the station filling in doing different roles as required, liaising with and getting to meet rep’s from the major record company’s, helping to build up the station’s music library of cd’s. Julie like’s a variety of music from Country, sixties and seventies to some of the newer music. We still have limited involvement in a technical capacity at Huon FM, when needed. We are the Proud Grandparent’s of 11 grandchildren and 1 great Grandchild. Our Programs are now being produced in our studio in Cygnet Tasmania, where we also run an oldies station. We are currently doing two Shows a week here on Opus  Music Community  Radio Network. 

David Matheson - Admin


 tm_1393022102My name is David and I live in Cygnet Tasmania with my wife Julie. As a boy I was interested in radio, building crystal sets in match boxes or on a wood base or anything I could find. I later built several radio’s even building a transmitter with a school mate and broadcasting to the local neighborhood as a pirate radio station, spinning records and having lot’s of fun. By this time radio was in my blood and has been ever since. After leaving school in 1965, I joined 3KZ Melbourne now Gold 104.3. I have done different job’s over the years including driving Tour Coaches and doing disco’s for a number of years. Joining Huon FM in 1998 as a presenter and later  as Program Manager, Computer Technician , Webmaster And relief Station Manager. In 2001, I spent 12 months at Cadence FM  Hobart with my wife Julie doing a show called Frozen Orange Juice. Before Returning to Huon FM. Although liking all kinds of music, Country, Classic Country, Gospel, Sixties, Classical & Jazz are my favorites. In June 2013 I joined Opus Music Community Radio Network

Katt Boskovic - Admin


 KattHi, I’m outlaw Katt from Ohio. As a great lover of country music I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to begin a new section of my life in hosting a radio show “Outlaw Country”now at Opus Music Community Radio Network . to which I hope y’all enjoy listening as much as I do presenting the shows.

Wendy Mitchell - Admin


 MeHi, my name is Wendy Mitchell from Paradise New Zealand. I have been a DJ for many years. I have always had a love for country music and wish to share my interest with all who want to listen. I have worked on Internet Radio. Also, I was involved in promoting artists in Australia and my home country New Zealand. I am also a songwriter and have had a few songs recorded. I now present my shows, with great pleasure, at Opus Music Community Radio Network.


Hank Edwards - Admin


 tm_1367313683My name is Hank Edwards. I am from a small town in southern West Virginia. I was raised up on classic country music and the Golden Oldies. It’s a honour  to be affiliated with Opus Music Community Radio Network and I hope you enjoy the music I will play for you.


Odessa Pritchard - Admin


tm_1367314044Odessa began her singing career in Denver, Colorado, USA at the tender age of thirteen. At the age of nineteen she formed her own band ‘Reinbeau’ that toured throughout the USA playing every state with the exception of Hawaii. In 1982, whilst in Oklahoma,she  was chosen by the Tulsa radio station KVOO to appear in a national country music contest at The Grand Ol’ Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.After the break-up of Reinbeau, Odessa successfully resumed her solo career, playing and singing in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama. In 1994 Odessa crossed the ‘Pond’ to settle in Derby, England. Finally a move to Wales prompted her retirement from the music industry to concentrate on a business career. Having established her commercial enterprise, she has now   resurrected her first love…music.In recent years she has found enjoyment in entertaining audiences as a DJ. Join in on her shows on Opus Music Community Radio Network 

Ric Harris


^FB7EEF495D92F44B3F892755B738343B088240DCC223CEFD8E^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distr I am from West Texas and I am a car enthusiast and car collector. I started DJ’ing at car shows and swap meets in 2006. If you like  oldies, rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly and rockin’ country tune into Ric’s Digital Garage for a blast from the past.

Jeff Lees



Hi I’m Jeff, and I come from Sydney Australia. I’m pretty much obsessed with all styles of Country Music and I love to promote Aussie Country as much as possible.I’m proud to be given the opportunity to host my own “On The Rocks” programs a few days a week on OMCRN. I would be pleased to have you join me some time.



Ritchie Ritchison



I am proud to be a DJ on OMCRN playing 3 different shows with five episodes a week featuring a wide variety of music and special themed shows. I am based out of Florida and spend my non radio time working as an artist manager , sound engineer and record producer.I love many different styles of music and try to feature as many artists and styles as I can. I hope you will hang out with me on some of my shows and enjoy the music.